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Cartoons never got old to me. Or maybe I’ve just never grown up!  It always amazed me how drawings could simply be flipped and suddenly come to life.  I love the all-encompassing nature of animation as it combines so many of the arts such as drawing, story, music, motion and cinematography.

At first the idea of actually getting paid to make that magic happen seemed like a pipe dream; and I got a real job. But after working as an Auto Body Repair Technician for nearly 10 years, I decided to dust off my old sketchpads and pencils and enrolled at Animation Mentor, where I learned the art of breathing life into a character.

With support of family, friends, and not a little luck I’ve now had the pleasure of animating some of my favorite childhood characters.  With any character, I strive to create an honest performance; creating a persona that is truly unique and sincere.  It’s that intangible quality of life that I am always on a quest to find.

Enjoy the site and feel free to shoot me a line.  I love to talk shop!


Happy Animating,

Ryan Vicik



The Peanuts Movie

Ice Age: Collision Course

X-MEN Apocalypse

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Ghost in the Shell

Wonder Woman

Transformers: The Last Knight

Ready Player One

My teachers:

Anthony Wong – Pixar

Patrick Danaher – Disney, Sony

Dimos Vrysellas – DreamWorks, Circus Ink Entertainment

Joe Antonuccio – Blue Sky Studios

Boola Robello – Sony, Disney, MPC

Greg Kyle – Laika

Sean Sexton – DreamWorks

Reef Tank